New Year New You

Starting a new year is all about starting over. We all (or most of us) made new years resolutions that we try to stick to all year, but most of us end up giving up or forgetting them after a few weeks. Hopefully this year we can make our resolutions a life style instead of just a distant unachievable goal. For me I need it to be laid out right in front of me what needs to be done. So I typed up my goals, printed them, and taped them on my door. Now I can be reminded every morning of what to accomplish that day. Whether it’s to eat healthier or be more productive I know what needs to be done. Next is following through with that. I constantlScreen Shot 2015-01-02 at 9.52.46 PMy need to be reminded of what needs to happen so, I found this app called timeful. I just got it a few days ago but, so far it has actually been very helpful. It reminds me when to do things accustomed to my life. Timeful also works with your schedule and calender. On the left is a picture of the apps logo so you know what to look for in the app store. Hopefully you can follow through with your resolutions this year. I wish you luck!

First week of the month equals fashion. So maybe your resolution is to be more fashionable, well I have some tips for you. If you want to wear an outfit to school everyday like a real outfit not just a cute top and jeans go on They have plenty outfit ideas depending on the weather in your area. I also have a small white board in my room with the days of the week on it. Next to that day I plan out what to Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 12.19.10 PMwear, how to accessorize, and how to do my hair that day. Now if daily dress me isn’t for you and you need some more inspiration, I am here for you. You can always comment on my postScreen Shot 2015-01-03 at 12.15.56 PMs asking questions and I’ll answer. Here is just something general about fashion right now dainty. jewelry. Midi rings and small necklaces. Those are your big ticket items. Wear geometrical shapes with your accessories. Triangle necklaces and “V” shapes. Don’t be afraid to go all out and layer. Now you can bring your style and outfits to the next level. I hope you all have a fabulous 2015. I also made a poll so you can share what you want to get out of 2015 :).

XO, Kenzi


Girls Night New Years Eve

Happy new year! New years eve is about staying up all night and starting over. In that case I have some party ideas and resolution ideas. So all the party ideas are based off of a girls night but, my version. I would have tons of food so everyone can enjoy a variety of drinks, desserts, etc. You can do a game night. Invite all your friends but, they all need to bring their favorite game. Once everyone arrives you’ll spend the whole night playing games. AnotheScreen Shot 2014-12-29 at 5.12.30 PMr idea is you could have everyone bring their favorite movies and snack to bring to the movies so you don’t have to provide food except maybe a little popcorn. You can spend all night watching movies and maybe even combine the game night and movies together. If you have just dance it’s super fun and I totally recommend it…. so with your just dance it’s kind of a back up for if people get bored of the games and movies. Once you’ve danced the night away you need some resolutions of what to do in the new year of course everyone will have personal resolutions but, here are a few general ones.

  • eat healthier
  • help those around you
  • be happier
  • take more pictures
  • get involved in school/work
  • have better grades
  • arrive on time
  • don’t procrastinate
  • be more confident
  • be more positive
  • read more books
  • be more organized
  • volunteer for a good cause
  • learn how to bake
  • break bad habits
  • lose weight
  • get good grades

There are so many things you can add to your list that apply to you. Try to stick with it and focus on it for the whole year maybe my next post will help out with that. Thanks all for looking at my blog I’ll talk to you next year :).

XO, Kenzi

Joy! Joy! Joy!

Joy to the world it’s finally Christmas! The time we’ve been waiting for all year is finally here! Right now I currently have three holiday countdowns in my house. Two in my room and one in my family room, cause I’m just that excited. This week is fashion so, I have lots of outfit inspo for you from Christmas get togethers, new years eve parties, and make up and nail ideas.

First is Christmas get togethers. This is a time to spend with family and maybe neighbors or friends. I would recommend comfort the most for this type of event. Most likely you’ll be eating food so you might want something loose or flowy to not look like you just ate the entire Christmas dinner… because honestly that’s what I would look like. Sweaters and leggings are most likely your best bet. Depending on the colors you choose for your outfit tall black or brown boots will look the best with maybe a peak of some festive fun holiday socks. Also if you want to be even more in the spirit wear decorative leggings! These are my favorite I have tons of decorative fun patterned leggings that just add that extra dazzle most outfits need. Have fun plaint with accessories of any type you would like to just thrown onto your outfit.

Next is new years eve parties. I absolutely love new years I feel like it is time to have fun and start fresh the next day (and party it up all night haha). You definitely want to go with a dress that’s got glitz and glam to it. Something that screams new years and makes you look amazing. Choose something that looks perfect on you because that’s what works best. If glitter isn’y your style I would recommend lace it’s what brings us girls to the ultimate girly level. It will be flirty but not too loud. Try lace sleeves or a full on lace dress. With lace I recommend pastels or deep dark colors, please don’t be too neon with the colors because it isn’t exactly the season.

Last but, not at all least make up and nails. Ok makeup for christmas get togethers should be simply cute. Just thin black eyeliner mascara and a hint of rosy or pink blush. If you want to take it a bit further do a light shimmery eyeshadow. Now for new years eve make up is when it gets fun. This is your chance to do something more daring than regular. I mean I’m not saying neon yellow eyeshadow but, more than plain eyeliner. A bold cat eye is going to stand out in the crowd but…. if your more about sparkles please go for some glitter eyeshadow because that will bring your eye makeup to a whole new level. Also don’t be afraid to add a one or more layers of mascara. I hope your holiday makeup is gorg! Now for winter nails. With winter nails the colors that are currently in the most are navy with white/silver glitter and light pink or gold glitter with light gray. I recommend doing an accent nail with either the pink or glitters. If your amazing at nail art do it! Add a snowflake or Christmas tree (haha I wish I was you).

Have wonderful holidays and a happy new years! Comment below if you want me to share my new years resolution with y’all for the fourth week this month or some resolution ideas.

xo, kenzi

Thanksgiving Mix

As all of you hopefully know Thanksgiving is coming up! (Tomorrow!!) So since its the fourth week of the month I decided to do a random mix of Thanksgiving stuff. I have planned a lot DIY’s and black friday shopping tips. I can’t wait to share with you guys so lets get started.

First I have some gorgeous Thanksgiving DIY’s. Most people will be having a huge Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night so were going to be making some place cards. For the first one your going to need as many pine cones as you have people and paint. (Any colors are good. Fall, neon, etc.) So what you want to do is get your first pine cone and paint the tips of the edges. Add a slit in the top of the pine cone or just find an opening. Add a place card in with the guest’s name on it and wahla *french accent* :). Another cute place card holder is the pumpkin :). All you need for this is a few mini pumpkin, glitter, and some glue. Place the glue on the bottom of the pumpkin, giving it the dip dye affect. Dip your pumpkin in glitter or just throw it on haha. Allow the glue to dry and you are good to go. Wait! I almost forgot add a slit in the top and place a place card holder in the top with your guest’s name on it.

Up next I have some black friday shopping tips. So first of all, girl get your butt over to Starbucks and get that grande carmel macchiato! You are going to need some caffeine to keep you shopping all night.  After that get in line for the first store your going to go to. While you’re in line figure out your game plan, where your going to go, what your going to get, etc.(It helps to do this before you get in line but it’s just something to do). Stay warm! Make sure to be bundled up because depending on where you live it can get really cold as it gets later at night. You don’t want to have to chicken out of the line because your too cold. Once they finally start letting the line in the store GO! GO! GO! It will be mayhem at first so make sure you get what you want as soon as you can. Don’t hurt anyone but don’t be afraid to get in there. So those are my tips on black friday. I hope you shop ’till you drop!

I wish an amazing thanksgiving to you all! Enjoy your gorgeous place cards to spice up your Thanksgiving dinner. After that take a nap and score some amazing deals at black friday.

XO, Kenzi

Sneak Peek

Hey guys! I am starting a new blog and hope you all love it. For my first post I just wanted to give you all a little sneak peek on what it will be all about. If you like fashion, DIYs, nails, food, etc. this is the perfect site for you. The first week of each month I will talk about fashion. I will give you tips, outfit ideas, and more.(Hence the name wear this) The next week I will talk about some sort of baking or cooking recipes and occasionally some gorgeous, but easy to do, nail art. Then, on the third week of each month I will give you guys a DIY or craft to do.(A.K.A. do that) The last week will be something random depending on the month or what mood I’m in, just for fun! I can’t wait for everyone to see it and I think it will be tons of fun. If you have any ides or requests for me to post about let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to make it happen :). Since thanksgiving is coming up I have a poll! 

XO, Kenzi.